3D Organon Webinar: “Anatomy Teaching – Synergies Encapsulated in the 4IR World”

Happy World Anatomy Day, everyone!

We are excited to share our recent 3D Organon webinar, “Anatomy Teaching – Synergies Encapsulated in the 4IR World,” which was held in honor of this remarkable occasion. The webinar is now available on our YouTube channel for your viewing pleasure!

During this enlightening session, the distinguished Dr. Shahed Nalla took the virtual stage to share profound insights into the art of teaching and learning anatomy through innovative methods, with a special focus on the 3D Organon VR Anatomy Platform.

Dr. Nalla’s expertise and knowledge, gained through extensive experience as an anatomy educator, were generously shared with our audience. We are profoundly grateful for his participation as our guest speaker and for the privilege of witnessing his wisdom in action during this webinar.

Whether you’re a healthcare professional, educator, student, or simply someone intrigued by the latest advancements in anatomy education, we wholeheartedly recommend watching the webinar on the 3D Organon YouTube channel. It’s an opportunity to gain valuable insights and discover how innovative approaches are reshaping the world of anatomy education.

Stay tuned for more exciting events and discussions as we continue to explore the limitless possibilities of education and technology. Happy World Anatomy Day, and enjoy the webinar!

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