Carpal Bones in 3D Organon

The carpal bones are eight irregular bones located at the wrist. They connect the distal ends of the bones of the forearm to the five metacarpal bones of the hand. They divided into two rows: a proximal and distal:

Proximal row:

  • scaphoid
  • lunate
  • triquetrum
  • pisiform? (sesamoid bone)

Distal row:

  • trapezium
  • trapezoid
  • capitate
  • hamate

Proximally, the scaphoid and lunate articulate with the distal end of the radius to form the wrist joint (radio-carpal joint). Distally, all the carpal bones articulate with the metacarpals.

3D Organon VR gives user the opportunity to touch every part of the carpal bones in an immersive simulated environment. Unlike classical standard educational methods, VR helps the users build a sense of realization stimulated by the visual simulation that blurs the tactile barrier. In particular:

  1. The user can perform a virtual bone dissection that allows interactivity and realism better than with any other method.
  2. 3D Organon?s flag function helps the user to easily memorize the carpal bones? names.
  3. The 3D Painting Tool allows user to create useful mnemonics and share them with their students and peers.
  4. The bone mapping module offers a detailed color mapping for each bone organized into surfaces, parts, and landmarks.

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