Medis Media, the multi-award-winning software development company, specializing in medical and healthcare education, announces the 3D Organon Scientific Advisory Board.

The Scientific Advisory Board of 3D Organon anatomy software consists of esteemed professionals from around the globe with established experience in 3D and VR technologies in medical education and clinical anatomy. The role of the Advisors is to provide scientific and technological advice to further the development and innovation of 3D Organon. All board members are recognized promoters of medical anatomy education utilizing cutting-edge learning and teaching resources.

The 3D Organon anatomy application is available across all devices, VR, desktop, tablet, and smartphone, for multi-modal anatomy teaching. Its knowledge database is translated into 16 languages and offers cross-platform support. 3D Organon VR Anatomy is an interactive educational application, specially designed for VR standalone and PC-powered devices. It is the world’s first fully-featured virtual reality anatomy software. Educators, students, medical and allied health professionals, academic institutions, hospitals/clinics, libraries, and military services, use 3D Organon in over 70 countries.

The 3D Organon 2022 Edition is coming soon with amazing new features such as an ultrasound simulator in VR, medical imaging, new microscopic anatomy models, pathology and embryology images, and many more.

Further information about the 3D Organon Scientific Advisory Board members:


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