We are excited to attend the AACA Annual Meeting that is taking place in Fort Worth, Texas, from June 13-7.

AACA Annual Meeting is the most important anatomical conference of the year, hosted by the American Association of Clinical Anatomists.

The AACA was founded to support, promote, and advance anatomically and clinically-based scholarship in research, teaching, and curricular matters within the health science professions. Its annual scientific meeting provides a vital and supportive venue for basic and clinical scientists and educators to disseminate scholarly work of an experimental or descriptive nature in any of the subdisciplines of anatomy or specialties of medicine. Its journal, Clinical Anatomy, is the Official Journal of the American Association of Clinical Anatomists, and?the British Association of Clinical Anatomists. It publishes original and review articles of scientific, clinical, and educational interest to anatomists and clinicians. The Association is proud to have members from over 30 countries worldwide and we continually welcome new members to the community.

3D Organon, the world’s leading XR medical anatomy platform, will be there. It is available in 16 languages. The new 2022 edition of 3D Organon includes over 12.000 anatomical structures across 15 body systems, showcasing new features such as the ultrasound VR simulator, histology slides,? images, refactored body actions, new microscopic models, and new environments among others.

Visit us at the 3D Organon booth #2 to discover the groundbreaking features of the 3D Organon 2022 Edition and get your live VR demo!

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