Titled “VR in Clinical Anatomy Teaching,” this enlightening session brought together esteemed guest speakers Dr. Sharmila Saran Rajendran, Clinical Anatomist at the University of Oxford, and Dr. Rumyana Smilevska, HPB and Transplant Surgeon also from the University of Oxford.

The webinar commenced with an introduction to the rapidly evolving landscape of medical education, highlighting the increasing importance of innovative teaching methodologies in enhancing student learning outcomes. Dr. Rajendran and Dr. Smilevska, renowned experts in their respective fields, shared their experiences and insights into leveraging VR technology to revolutionize the teaching of clinical anatomy.

Dr. Rajendran, drawing from her expertise in anatomy education, emphasized the immersive nature of VR and its ability to provide students with a lifelike understanding of anatomical structures. She discussed the role of VR in enhancing engagement, retention, and comprehension among learners, citing examples from her own teaching experiences.

Dr. Smilevska, bringing her perspective as a surgeon and educator, highlighted the practical applications of VR in surgical training and medical education. She emphasized the importance of hands-on learning experiences facilitated by VR simulations, allowing students to practice procedures in a safe and controlled environment.

Throughout the webinar, participants gained invaluable insights into the power of VR technology, particularly through its integration with 3D Organon’s innovative platform. The discussion touched upon the various features of 3D Organon.

The webinar concluded with a call to action, urging educators and institutions to embrace VR technology as a catalyst for innovation in medical education. Attendees were encouraged to explore the recording of the webinar to delve deeper into the world of VR in clinical anatomy teaching and discover how they can leverage this technology to transform their teaching methods.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, the integration of VR technology in medical education stands poised to revolutionize the way future healthcare professionals learn and practice. With platforms like 3D Organon leading the way, the future of medical education is indeed exciting and full of possibilities.

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