In a landmark webinar, 3D Organon proudly hosted Dr. Olga Avilova, former Director and Senior Lecturer at Queen Mary University of London. Renowned for her pioneering approach to education, Dr. Avilova shared her extraordinary journey, unveiling the transformative impact of 3D Organon on her teaching methods.

    Dr. Avilova, a luminary in the field of innovative teaching, took attendees on a captivating journey through her experiences and challenges as an educator. The spotlight, however, was on the revolutionary role played by 3D Organon in enhancing her teaching methods and, most importantly, benefiting her students.

    The immersive experience demonstrated how 3D Organon goes beyond traditional teaching tools, bringing anatomy to life and sparking curiosity in the minds of students. The webinar served as a testament to the power of technology in shaping the future of education.

    For those who missed this groundbreaking event, the webinar replay is now available on our YouTube channel. This is not just a presentation; it’s a reservoir of practical knowledge for educators, showcasing how 3D Organon can be a transformative tool in creating impactful learning experiences.

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