VR Anatomy Education Platform for Innovation Sharing University Project under the Ministry of Education

Dankook University VR Anatomy lab

According to the Korean Ministry of Education, the “New Digital Technology Talent Development Innovation Sharing University Project” is a concept in which multiple universities gather to form a kind of “virtual university” centered on a single technology. The goal of this project, is to train 100,000 Individuals in New Digital Technology. Multiple innovative sharing universities have been selected for this. The selection was based on eight new technology fields, such as artificial intelligence, big data, next-generation semiconductors, future cars, and bio-health.

In particular, Dankook University, in Yongin and Cheonan, South Korea, is in charge of the bio-health business association. Accordingly, the University delivers a converged curriculum to nurture key talent in the field of bio-health sciences. It achived that with the establishment of a 3D Organon VR anatomy lab.

In the VR lab of Dankook University, students learn human anatomy with the help of 3D Organon. 3D Organon is the world’s leading XR medical anatomy platform. It is available in 16 languages. The new 2022 edition of 3D Organon includes over 12.000 anatomical structures across 15 body systems. 3D Organon also, showcases new features such as imaging, ultrasound VR simulator, histology slides, refactored body actions, microscopic models, and new environments among others. Medical, health-related universities and institutions widely use the application.

Dankook University is expected to expand its knowledge to the community by increasing the scope of use from exchange university students to the general public who are interested in anatomy. The “Innovation Sharing University Project” group will provide open educational opportunities to anyone by offering 3D Organon anatomy lectures and enriching the educational environment.

Start with 3D Organon today: www.3dorganon.com

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