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The Korean bio-education project is accelerating. Among the “New Deal” project, the Korean government is focusing on the “Digital Innovation Sharing University Project” which is attracting the attention of the entire industry. The “Digital Innovation Sharing University Project” will train 100,000 students in the new technology fields from 2021 to 2026. It utilizes educational resources in the field of new technologies scattered among numerous universities. It also, participates in industry, research institutes, societies, and private institutions to establish a cooperative system for raising key talents at a national level.

Daejeon University, a bio-health university, focuses on cultivating convergent talents in the bio-health industry and strengthening practical professional capabilities. To this end, related departments such as the Department of Bio-applied Chemistry and the Department of Digital Healthcare are working on preparing a field-specific workforce with biotechnology expertise and data analysis capabilities.

3D Organon

Accordingly, Daejeon University chose 3D Organon VR Anatomy, after Dankook University and Wongwang Health University, for their Medical VR Labs.

Students learn human anatomy with 3D Organon. To this day, 3D Organon is the world’s leading XR medical anatomy platform. It is available in 16 languages. The new 2022 edition of 3D Organon includes over 12.000 anatomical structures across 15 body systems. Moreover, it showcases new features such as imaging, ultrasound VR simulator, slides, images, refactored body actions, new microscopic models, and new environments among others.

3D Organon can be used not only in VR, but also on personal PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. This allows professors and students to use a variety of devices to participate in the same lecture and create a digitally-based interactive class. Innovative multi-cross-platform technology that reverses the traditional way of education will increase students’ digital capabilities, laying the foundation for the talent development pursued by Daejeon University.

The 3D Organon VR Anatomy Lab at the College of Biohealth Innovation and Sharing was built by VR education specialist Viveial. Based on the VR and AR industries, Viveial has delivered customized anatomy labs to health, medical, and nursing colleges and institutions, including innovation-sharing universities. Mr. Viveyal Co., Ltd. said that through 3D Organon, we will further expand the scope of the educational environment in the field of medical and health and provide students with the opportunity of a new educational system.

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