3D Organon introduces new ground-breaking/ innovative Ultrasound VR Simulator features, in a brand spanking new futuristic environment. Ultrasound VR Educational Simulator helps you to teach and learn medical anatomy through an ultrasound view.

The new features of the 3D Organon Ultrasound VR Educational Simulator includes:

  • Labelling: a comprehensive learning tool that develops a deep learning methodology for anatomical labeling of a given region of interest, with a corresponding semantic label related to a specific anatomical location. With this new 3D Organon function on the ultrasound mode, users can check the anatomical term of a structure simultaneously on the anatomical model and the ultrasound view. In this way they practice and learn human anatomy more efficiently.

  • Color mapping: 3D Organon?s color mapping is a function that maps the colors of one selected location. The perceptually accurate and realistically colorized virtual anatomy is beneficial in understanding human anatomy. Organs and body parts can be rendered separately, by moving the probe and selecting the desired view. The procedure is highly flexible and easy, offering new opportunities to present and communicate anatomical information and knowledge in a visually realistic manner.

  • Annotation: Annotation is the process of labeling anatomical structures on an image, in our case ultrasound snapshot. It is beneficial for the users to emphasize structures and revise them. Users can extract clinically relevant information from 3D models, associate such knowledge with their corresponding parts, and support the storage, sharing, and searching of annotated 3D models in a structured manner.

These new functions are enriching the 3D Organon user? experience, providing a holistic approach to learning anatomy.

The 3D Organon Ultrasound VR Educational Simulator is the perfect solution for the education and training of students and experts of all levels. The professors can have access to an immersive experience on the clinical case that they are working on, having the whole internal structure of the human body in 3D in order to better visualize and share the morphological information. Students will gain experience in scanning protocols, acquire in-depth anatomical understanding, and acknowledge the ultrasound scanning position and orientation to effectively demonstrate the desired views.

3D Organon is providing learners with more opportunities to practice skills and gain experience in stressful situations in a risk-free environment, accelerating learning, and allowing learners to build competency at their own pace, proving more effective knowledge retention compared to other traditional teaching methods and creating opportunities to increase anatomical understanding beyond training healthcare professionals.

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