In a groundbreaking study titled “Development and Assessment of Learners’ Experiences with a Virtual Reality Learning Platform: Constructivist and Experiential Learning Pedagogies in Master of Physical Therapy Curriculum,” authors Stacey Lovo, Don Leidl, Kendra Usunier, Teresa Paslawski, Mike Wesolowski, Arjun Puri, Val Caron, and Soo Kim have showcased the transformative impact of integrating customized VR applications into the Master of Physical Therapy (MPT) curriculum.

The study, which focused on teaching manual therapy skills in the cervical spine, highlights the challenges students face in mastering psychomotor skills, particularly in understanding anatomy and palpation. 

One of the standout themes from the study was the enthusiastic feedback from students and their recommendations for further improving the VR experience. Importantly, the students recognized the significant value of incorporating 3D Organon into their program. As one participant noted, “You could take off a part of the skull to see the ligament, could take off certain pieces,” appreciating the depth and layers offered by 3D Organon, which allowed them to examine skeletal muscles and blood flow in detail.

This study underscores the immense potential of 3D Organon to revolutionize physical therapy education. By providing an immersive and interactive learning environment, 3D Organon helps students grasp complex anatomical concepts and improve their manual therapy skills. The positive feedback from students highlights the impact and effectiveness of 3D Organon in enhancing educational outcomes.

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