3D Organon on Meta Quest Pro
We are excited to announce that the 3D Organon 2023 Edition is supported on the Meta Quest Pro!

Quest Pro is Meta‘s most advanced headset. The company envisions that high-resolution headsets, new business-focused software, and superfast internet connections will transform the way we work, learn, and collaborate.

Quest Pro has 37% more pixels per inch and 10% greater pixels per degree than the Oculus Quest 2, with dual 1,800 x 1,920 screens that run at 90Hz. Colors are more vibrant, as there’s also a 25% boost in full-field visual sharpness in the center view, a 50% improvement in the peripheral region, and a 1.3x larger color gamut than its predecessor.

The Quest Pro also allows the wearer to adjust the lens distance from their eyes, allowing for a more customizable fit.

What are you waiting for? Just put on your new Oculus Quest Pro and start exploring 3D Organon like never before!

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