Pioneers of Medical Education and XR Technology

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Panagiota Kordali and Dr. Athanasios Raikos, esteemed pioneers in the field of medical education and the driving forces behind 3D Organon, the leading XR Medical Anatomy Platform, will be active participants at the upcoming Shift Medical Conference. Their profound impact on clinical anatomy, medical education, virtual reality, remote collaboration, and learning has indelibly marked the medical education landscape.

Unlocking the Power of XR in Healthcare Education

 In an enthralling presentation, Dr. Raikos will delve into the world of XR technologies in healthcare, with a specific focus on the transformative influence of integrating XR technology into medical education. This presentation promises to deliver profound insights, spark contemplative ideas, and offer valuable takeaways for both seasoned professionals and newcomers in the medical field.

Join Us on a Journey of Transformation

This extraordinary event provides a unique opportunity to be part of an unforgettable experience featuring individuals who have reshaped the contours of medical education. We invite you to join us for this exceptional presentation titled “Advancements in Medical XR: Revolutionizing Healthcare Delivery and Education.” It will take place on the second day of the SHIFT Medical 2023 Conference (22/9) at 13:30. Come and witness the transformative potential of Medical XR as presented by these visionary professors.

 Shaping the Future Together

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for considering our invitation. We look forward to seeing you at this remarkable event, where together, we will continue to shape the future of medical education! 👩‍🔬 👨‍🔬

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