3DOrganon National Taiwan University

National Taiwan University is a national university located in Taipei, Taiwan. NTU has been considered the most comprehensive university on the island.?It consists of 11 colleges, 56 departments, 133 graduate institutes, over 60 research centers, and a school of professional education and continuing studies.

National Taiwan University, the best university in Taiwan, has created “The Future Classroom”, a place for active learning with multiple screens and advanced teaching equipment, creating a genuine lab experience for all students.

It was a perfect setup for 3DOrganon! The students were really excited about using the 3D Organon VR 2022 Edition and delving into the amazing world of VR Anatomy. They were amazed by navigating along anatomical structures. As they said, they loved the experience of exploring the human body like never before and overcoming the stereotype of the complexity of learning the human anatomy.

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