AACA 2023 | July 9-12 | Orlando, Florida

3D Organon is excited to attend the AACA 2023 Annual Meeting hosted by the American Association of Clinical Anatomists, which will take place in Orlando, Florida from the 9th to the 12th of July!

The meeting

The AACA 2023 Annual Meeting is a great opportunity for people in the medical field, researchers and educators, to come together and spread their passion for anatomy. Attending conferences like this one, allows industry experts to share their experiences and build purposeful relationships with other specialists in the field. The meeting is also, an excellent place to explore the innovations of medical technology, that are currently in the spotlight.

3D Organon

3D Organon developed in response to all the challenges that accompany medical education. More specifically, the process of teaching and learning anatomy. Using virtual reality as a teaching tool, uplevels the learning experience and promotes more efficient, learner-centered modes of teaching. Visiting Booth No. 6, you will find a friendly team of open-minded and cooperating professionals, ready to help you step into the extraordinary world of virtual anatomy. There, you can engage with the latest advancements in medical education technology.

Get a personalized VR demonstration and start your own 3D-anatomy-journey. Witness the mechanics of the human body in VR, observe a plethora of slides, cadaveric images, refactored body actions, plenty of high-detailed microscopic models and over 12.000 anatomical structures across 15 body systems. Experience the Ultrasound VR Simulator, the Medical Metaverse/Medverse, the exceptional DICOM Viewer, and all the other spectacular features of 3D Organon, firsthand!

We’ll be more than happy to meet you there. Looking forward to shaping the future of medical education, together!

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