We are delighted to announce that 3D Organon 2022 Edition is fully supported on VIVE Focus 3, the standalone VR headset, that brings the new era of business VR.

As an all-in-one headset, the wireless Focus 3 does not require to be connected to a computer. The inside-out tracking means that no external cameras, base stations, or complex associated infrastructure are needed for it to work.

You just put on the headset, turn it on, and you are ready to explore the phenomenal features of the 3D Organon 2022 Edition!

VIVE FOCUS 3, the most well-equipped standalone headset, will give every user the opportunity to explore the 3D Organon Ultrasound VR Simulator and have an in-depth understanding of anatomy, ultrasound scanning position, and orientation to effectively demonstrate desired views.

Immerse yourself in the next-gen visuals of VIVE Focus 3 and delve into the new era of medical education.

Start with 3D Organon today: www.3dorganon.com

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