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Michelle Moscova
University of New South Wales
Senior Lecturer

The last thing this exciting probably happened with “Fabrica”, which is the first anatomical comprehesive text, which was published centuries ago.

NYU School of Medicine
Marketing Manager

Education via VR/AR enables more immersive, engaging, and experiential learning to occur by presenting data in a way that deepens essential medical knowledge.

Derek Harmon
University of California, San Fransisco
Assistant Professor of Anatomy

It’s a learning experience almost like putting a puzzle together.

Dave Privasky
Collegiate High School, Richmond, Virginia
Science teacher

It’s almost like you can step into the body.

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Debbie King
Westerville South High School, Ohio
Library specialist

Because it’s 3D you are actually able to see it like you do in person. So, perhaps we are not able to go to the cadaver lab at OSU to actually see a real autopsy. But now, the kids can kind of get their hands on a body.

Dr. Joshua Jacobs
Washigton State University
Professor and Chair of the Department Of Medical Education and Clinical Sciences

We are committed to having our students train first in a simulated environment, while they are learning in a clinical environment under close supervision.

Jessica Cantrell
Lufkin High School, Texas

Ιt gives students the ability to take a look inside the human body, as well as dissect and manipulate each anatomical region.