Multiuser 3D Organon HTC Focus-2

The new multi-user cross-platform functionality is enabled in all 3D Organon versions from 2019 onwards, setting new educational standards.

Unlimited numbers of interstate and overseas users can now experience the tangible benefits of a VR ecosystem via any supported device. This unique multi-user cross-platform combination enables up to 200 of simultaneous users to join an interactive VR space from institutional, personal, VR and non-VR devices, including desktop, tablets and mobile.

A virtual course can be accessed across different platforms such as the Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Windows desktop, etc. The multi-user module is accessible from the icon labeled ‘Network’ in the Main menu. An educator can host an online session for students to attend via their supported devices literally from anywhere. Up to 10 persons (Tier 1) can be connected in a virtual room. If you need access for more than 10 users in a virtual room, please contact us for a license upgrade. There are options tailored to host up to 200 concurrent users per room.

A single Enterprise edition license is enough to create a virtual room. Students can join a virtual session via the ‘Guest’ option of the Enterprise edition, at no cost. An unlicensed 3D Organon Enterprise installation has limited access to individual components and body systems.

The visualization in a VR device has some advantages due to the immersive nature of VR technologies. Yet, users on conventional devices can still experience the awesome multi-user functionality of 3D Organon.

Do you want to learn more about the multi-user cross platform functionality of 3D Organon? Please, get in touch with us.