The Enterprise edition of 3D Organon software is available for institutions, organizations, and business entities

Institutions using 3D Organon range from universities to K12 schools, hospitals to medical practices, libraries to museums, and more.

Subscription options for institutions

Universities, colleges, schools, hospitals, and other institutions can have various subscription options, from 12 to 36-months or more. The subscription license is loaded with extra features and premium support.

Besides access to world-class 3D visuals and anatomy definitions, the subscription will give your institution access to premium features such as the full dataset of the Human Motion module which incorporates hundreds animations of bones, joints, muscles, heart, lungs, etc. New animations are added on a frequent basis via the autopatch system.


One of a kind anatomy learning experience.

Benefits for educational institutions

The Enterprise edition of 3D Organon software has already reached numerous institutions providing them multiple benefits:

  • Cost effective self-directed learning
  • Utilization of new technologies in education
  • Suitable for distant learning-based curricula
  • Exceptional for universities utilizing a blended learning approach
  • Knowledge delivered in a digital form that today’s students prefer
  • Acceleration of learning

High standard of medical and scientific information

The 3D Organon apps deliver accurate visual and contextual information, agile response time, and intuitive navigation. The apps satisfy the highest criteria of medical and scientific standards in design and knowledge base. All anatomical definitions and clinical correlations are written by professors of anatomy and medical professionals.

3D Organon is a feature-rich software with multiple levels of detail and an advanced toolset that could complement any anatomy curriculum. The 3D models can add important cognitive input for understanding key anatomical concepts essential for learning clinical, topographic and systems-based anatomy. The inclusion of 3D visuals in pedagogy leads to an increased retention of knowledge.


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