The digital age has brought new resources and tools to educators, aiding the evolution from a single reference textbook to multi-modal resources

3D Organon software is such a resource. It enables visual and experiential learning and engages students with different learning styles.

Utilizing disruptive technologies in education

The digital age has enabled new ways of teaching and learning. It brought new technologies and reinvented existing ones, as to improve and accelerate the learning process. Virtual reality (VR) is such a technology and it is promised to revolutionize education. Learning in a VR environment keeps distractions away due to high-degree of immersion. The VR version of 3D Organon kicks the boredom factor out of the classroom.

3D Organon VR Anatomy, the world’s first fully-featured virtual reality atlas, is already being used in many educational institutions as part of their curriculum. Some of them are the New York School of Medicine, Penn State College of Medicine, University of Montana, University of California San Francisco, and others.


One of a kind anatomy learning experience.

Incorporating 3D visuals in pedagogy

Including 3D visuals in pedagogy leads to an increased retention of knowledge due to multi-angle stimulus. The 3D models in 3D Organon apps can add important cognitive input for understanding key anatomical concepts which are essential for learning clinical, topographic and systems-based anatomy.

3D Organon apps include over 4,000 3D models covering every organ, bone, muscle, and structure of the human body. The models are accompanied by comprehensive anatomical definitions. 

Designed to satisfy various levels of didactic requirements 

3D Organon is a feature-rich software with multiple levels of detail. It is already adopted by numerous educational institutions. 3D Organon is designed for academic use but it is also easy to grasp by a diverse range of students and users without a medical or scientific background. It is designed to satisfy various levels of didactic requirements.

3D Organon apps can be simply used as a spotter for identifying anatomical structures but full depth detail, such as descriptions and toolkits, is there for those looking for deeper knowledge.


Anatomy animation muscles
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