Patients with a sound understanding of their conditions are more likely to follow doctor’s instructions  

3D Organon can help patients peak under the skin and learn about their bodies and pathology.

Better patient education

The use of the Internet as a source of medical and health information is a common practice for today’s patients. A significant number of patients is looking for supplementary resources as to grasp complex terminology and manifestations.

Viewing the appearance and position of various bodyparts and organs in 3D can significantly improve patient’s understanding on health-related matters. With 3D Organon, patients can visualize organs and structures from all angles, hide selected features for an in-depth view, and read anatomical definitions. 


One of a kind anatomy learning experience.

Improving doctor-patient communication

Efficient doctor-patient communication is an integral part of clinical practice. A visual validation of patient’s pathology can be drastically improved with the right tools. 

3D Organon is empowering patient-centered medicine by helping doctors visually explain the appearance, position, and relationship of body structures to patients. It can bridge the knowledge gap between patients and doctors, and help patients make more informed decisions.

Improving health literacy

3D Organon can be used as a tool to improve health literacy. The software is easy to grasp from users without medical or scientific background and it can help patients visualize complex body structures and organs.


Life-like visualization of anatomy

At the heart of 3D Organon there are over 4,000 detailed 3D models of every organ, bone, muscle, and structure of the human body. The 3D models are accompanied by anatomical terminology and definitions. The app utilizes cutting-edge photorealistic techniques to enhance the realism of the anatomy models.


Patients education anatomy
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