3D Organon VR Anatomy

3D Organon VR Anatomy is the world’s first fully-featured virtual reality anatomy atlas

The app is an award-winning interactive educational application for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets. It is an immersive self-discovery experience into the human body.

Immersive educational experience

3D Organon VR Anatomy is a unique anatomy teaching and learning tool offering one of a kind experience in three-dimensional digital space. The app keeps distractions away due to high degree of immersion and kicks the boredom factor out of the classroom.

The app is an engaging educational tool for experiential learning. Users can explore and study more than 4,000 realistic anatomical structures and organs, having the unique advantage of stereoscopic presentation. 3D Organon VR Anatomy is exceptional for institutions utilizing a blended learning curriculum.  

One of a kind anatomy learning experience.

Stereoscopic visualization

3D Organon VR Anatomy empowers the stereoscopic visualisation of 3D models which facilitates the understanding of spatial relationships between anatomical structures. Anyone can visualise even the deepest anatomy with ease.

Users can manipulate bones, muscles, vessels, organs, and other anatomical structures in 3D space. They can examine them closely from all angles, read or hear anatomical terminology and study anatomical definitions.

Anatomy for everyone

The app is designed to suit a range of users, from medical and allied-health students to educators, healthcare professionals, patients, artists, and curious minds. It is helping students grasp the challenging subject of anatomy, but also is easily understood by individuals without a medical background.

The app creates an engaging and joyful educational experience. It is an advanced learning tool that could complement any anatomy curriculum and help everyone visualize and explore anatomy.


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