Finally, a standalone VR headset designed for enterprise use! The official Vive Focus 3 just arrived at 3D Organon premises, a robust upscale from the Focus 3/Sunrise.  Quality, esthetics, and technology are top-notch bridging distance with seamless remote collaboration making medical education more creative with unprecedented efficiency.

With 3D Organon and the new Vive Focus 3, we are delivering best-in-class graphics, ergonomic comfort transforming your medical educational training.

At 3D Organon, we offer solutions to suit from a single student studying anatomy to large universities and hospitals. Our full spectrum of solutions is accommodating self-directed learning, teaching toolkits, and patient education.

Join our worldwide immersive education community and accelerate the learning and teaching process of anatomy in medical and healthcare education. Work with your team across physical distance and multiple locations. Engage just like in person with the powerful and interactive ViveFocus 3 tool.

Visualize all body systems from all angles and scales. Fits perfect on Krystyna, our 3D Organon model.

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